Schedule an Appointment

I personally schedule all my appointments either by phone, in person, and in some cases by email. Typically, as a new client, you would start out by calling me, Bill Seery at the Path Light phone number to express your interest in counseling. We’ll talk briefly about the terms and parameters of therapy and answer any questions about concerns you may have about the fee structure or how therapy may fit with your philosophy or spirituality. If you like you can share your basic reasons for looking into therapy or wait til we meet to elaborate. If you decide to schedule a session we can set that up by phone. Generally, sessions are 50 minutes long, which usually works out well. However, for the first session, I try my best to allow for 90 minutes (at no extra charge) to make sure there’s enough time to gain a good sense of your goals and what may be needed to accomplish them.

For questions you may have about therapy, Path Light Counseling or other concerns, contact us today.